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CNC Plasma Cutting

CNC Plasma Cutting enables you to get desired 2D shapes etched out of sheet metal. High velocity ionized gas stream directed at the sheet at high temperature does the trick. Since sophisticated and specialized tools are not involved, the entire process is cost effective.

Cost advantages of CNC plasma cutting:

  • Thick metal sheets can be efficiently worked upon

  • Total length and number of holes to be cut strategically reduced

  • All metal types (steel, aluminum, stainless steel etc.) can be cut

Why Choose us?

  • Proficient team of seasoned engineers

  • Extensive expertise in impeccable handling of CNC processes of various complexities

  • Competence in working with all metal types

  • Proprietary HyPerformance Hyperthem Plasma HPR260XD cutting technology

  • Ability to seamlessly work on sheet metals and plates up to 2” thick

  • CNC Plasma cutting tailored to your exact needs

  • Cutting capacity of up to 5” X 10” & 2” thick sheets

  • Precision Cutting for 2D & Spun objects

  • Effective use of water table for reducing warps while cutting

  • Outstanding cutting accuracy for thin sheets

  • Effective reduction of heat affected zone

  • Rescaling of client drawings send in .dxf format

  • Leveraging CAM for materializing client’s digital ideas into implementable models

  • Creation of shapes in alignment with client’s specifications

  • Delivered sheets offer ease of assembly and mass production

Efficacy of our CNC Plasma Cutting Services is vouched for by our clients. Experience it now!!